Monday, October 10, 2011

Today Pierre Feuille Ciseaux ends and gets dissassembled, Yesterday and this morning have been a series of whistful goodbyes as each of the 22 artists shuffles off by train or car. And so I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from the week. It was truly amazing. Below are a number of shots of the grounds. The Saline (old world salt factory) where it took place is a group of buildings arranged in a half circle around a huge courtyard the size of a couple of city blocks.

Each of the buildings featured this carved stone detail...a representation of salt crystals forming in the underground caves.

Apparently the outlook at the top of this building was where the site manager positioned himself to keep an eye on the workers below.

This building housed the work room, where we spent most of our days

The center of the compound was just an open field of grass, but behind the buildings, just inside the walled perimeter were a network of elaborate gardens. The pond outside my window was full of ducks most mornings.
The workroom. Several days stretched from, say 11am (I was a late riser) to one, two or three a.m. The time, ideas and impromptu projects flew.

South African painter and cartoonist Anton Kannemeyer ("Joe Dog")

Finn Matti Hagelsberg, discovering the woodcut. And and knocking it out of the park.

Zak Sally drawing a page for the last minute PFC zine.

Zak again, playing a short set for everyone Wednesday evening on a trip to the nearby city of Besançon.

Dinner in Besançon at Seize OGS. Tony Papin is on the Left. Zak, Anton, Matti and Sarah Glidden follow. The first course was edamame with sea salt and green tea. Much more to follow, including screenprinting, crowdsurfing, and several photos taken in a dimmly lit bar by someone who was slightly inebriated.

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