Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Questions #13

Big Questions #13 is done. The plan is to have copies available for the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco next month (though the issue probably won't be in stores until November or December). But these things are unpredictable. The issue is 48 pages, twice as long as the last one. To the best of my abilities to estimate such things, which have in the past proven woeful, there are two more issues worth of story left to draw. The current issue also has french flaps on the cover with portraits of 16 of the main characters and some explanation of the story so far. I did this in issue number eight as well, but thought it might be time for a refresher as we approach the story's climax in the next two issues. Here are two pages from the present book:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lula's Walls

Marianne and I recently started a blog for the art at Lula. I'll probably continue to post an image or two from new shows here, but actual info can be found at Lula's Walls. Current show features photographer Jeremy Bolen (above) and printer and book artist Kim Jae Young (below).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A question, A psalm, The end of the world, Dave driving to Davenport to go skateboarding

The Benefit is Over

We raised almost $7000.00. Which is Amazing to me, and humbling. In the meantime, Obama has been backing away from a Public Option and Max Baucus has just released a plan that Wendell Potter (former Cigna exec and industry critic) has called The Health Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act. But Baucus' three Republican co-authors have already backed away from the plan anyway. So much for trying to keep the GOP happy. Let your representatives know there are people out there who believe in real reform. That the richest country on earth has no excuse for not taking care of its own. The groups who have been pushing for the real deal aren't backing down or giving up. But they still need actual citizens to call the people we put in office.

To all the artists and the people who logged on to bid in the auction: Holy $#%&, and thousand thousand thanks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

46 Million plus 3

Three new items have been added to the auction in the last couple of days.

Tony Fitzpatrick donated an etching/aquatint titled Monument to a Standing New Yorker, 2001.

Zak Sally gave up the original art for a cover he did a few years ago for David Bazan (Pedro the Lion). If you haven't already, you should hear Zak's new record. It's really really good. He used to play bass for Low, though this is pretty different.

And lastly a listing was somehow lost when I was posting the first batch last week. And it's a good one, you should buy it. It's this giant photo book and picture disk EP by Mount Eerie (Phil Elverum). It's a beautiful beautiful book. Signed.

The recent subject matter of this blog notwithstanding, the benefit is not all I'm doing at the moment. I'll post some images from Big Questions #13 (which is almost done), and some sketchbook strips in the next few days.