Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Exquisite Corpse Ever

For more about ladies drawing comics in Cambodia, as well as photos of cars driving into open sewer canals, go here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few last scraps

Below are the last few drawings from overseas. The first two are from the day I arrived in France. I had a couple of hours to poke around the city and was able to locate a skatepark not far from Gare Du Nord where I stashed my things – though just rolling around the city turned out to be more satisfying. The third is from kind of a crazy thing that I saw one afternoon in Besançon, and the last two are drawings of people on the tube in London and from a couple of cafes in Newcastle.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inkstuds Interview

I'm putting some drawings up tomorrow. And some more stuff from my travels. But I just got this email from Robin McConnell that the interview we did last July in Vancouver just went live. Many thanks to Robin and to Daniel Giantomaso, who shot and edited it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bad at Sports Interview

This Interview I did with Bad at Sports last September just went live. Discussed:

•How drawing comics is like being a preacher
•The kings of Chicago's special brand of Misery Comics
•An awesome comics show at the art institute that you can't go to
•How, when it comes right down to it, I'm actually just @#$%ing with the reader

Also, Duncan calls me out for punishing moral certainty.

Bikini Kill gets things started. A little song I wrote about my troubled early thirties takes us out. My thanks to Duncan and Richard both for a really good conversation.

Monday, November 14, 2011

BQ Originals

When I was in Toronto last I left a pile of Big Questions originals with Chris and Peter at the Beguiling to be put on their online art store. And then I walked away and let them deal with scanning and tracking down page numbers. I owe you guys a drink. Or three. Many thanks. The pages are here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

X in time for Justmas

I'm back from the road and beginning to regain my equilibrium. Very nice to be home (for a second – tomorrow I head up to Minneapolis to see family and to attend the Minneapolis Indy Expo). I've still got a bunch of stuff to post from the road, but I also just put a few new things up at the store:

For the signing I did in Brooklyn at Desert Island Gabe asked me to put together a small zine or print to have as a giveaway with the book. I told him he was crazy, I had no time and wasn't a six hundred page graphic novel and 30 city book tour enough? Geez. And then about a week before I left I got inspired and decided he was right, what a good idea. Wasn't he surprised when, with no time to spare I sent him a 24 page zine of outtakes, process pages and various other related material that wasn't published anywhere else. And I demanded that he print the cover in color. And he actually got it done. Bless that man. This is the result.
      Included are images of some matchbooks I made to go with issue #3 and the strip I did during a workshop at the DH Lawrence ranch in 1996 that includes the first appearance of the birds anywhere ever and the germ of the story that would eventually turn into BQ. Completely unbeknownst to me at the time. And a bunch of other stuff. 24 pages, on newsprint, 7" x 8.5".

At Pierre Feuille Ciseaux one of the first things we did was a group collaboration to make a screenprinted book on the subject of the Twelve Tasks of Hercules. The edition was only large enough for the participants to each get one (man, they were beautiful, sorry folks!). But I like Hercules (image of his Ascent to Mount Olympus with Sock and Office Chair, here) and so I couldn't shake the theme. I ended up doing this print as well. I gave most of them away to the other artists, printers and support staff, but I have 15 or so to spare. 2-colors, 12" square, edition of 55.

And lastly:

I made these Trading Cards a few months back as a sort of promotional give-away kind of thing. I sent small stacks to stores that ordered The Game, and put cards in orders from here. I sent a stack to Drawn & Quarterly to do with as they saw fit as well. I also made a few full sets to sell on the road for gas money. I'm going to make one last batch a little later this month. I'm taking orders starting now so I know how many to make (they're a little labor intensive to print, cut and wrap). There are 24 individual cards, representing a few more characters than are on the flaps of the book, and several of the vignettes are different. the paper stock is the thickest, chunkiest, acid-free art paper I can jam through my friend's high-res, six-color, archival ink printer. Action shots on the back. Sorry – no chewing gum. These won't ship until around November 25th. But that gives you all kinds of time before Christmas, kids.