Saturday, July 30, 2011

Next up: Seattle

Holy crap, people keep coming out to see me read comics. It's awesome. Portland rules. Floating world rules. Massive Thank Yous. Tonight I'm at the Fantagraphics store in Seattle starting at 6. Gonna try to get some skateboarding in before hand, so apologies to my audience if I'm a little sweaty.

Here are Batman and Robin at the D&Q booth:

And some zombies that aren't really trying that hard:

Some minor superhero character in blue that no one has ever heard of (plus the Joker):

A dragon that is also a...carpenter?

And some sort of weird Japanese Mickey Mouse frog face dude in a suit. Awesome.

Tomorrow: Voltron

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This Just In

The East Bay Express just posted this with respect to tonight's event.

Next: Pegasus, Berkeley

Finishing up a few things in SF today, including a quick roll around Potrero Skatepark, and breakfast at Just For You where I learned to flip eggs, before heading over to Berkeley to do my thing at Pegasus. The event at N+P was amazing. All kinds of people showed up and stood, sat and laid on the floor to watch the slide show projected high up on the fifteen foot walls. The slide show even convinced a couple of Swedish holiday goers to buy the book they'd earlier deemed a bit heavy to carry with them on their plane ride home. So I must be doing something right. Here are a couple of pics of the N+P show itself from before the people showed up. My eternal gratitude to Andrew and Breezy for hooking this up and doing such a beautiful job framing and hanging the work.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Next: Needles & Pens

Heading up to San Francisco this morning (Tuesday) for the reading and opening at N&P, 7-9:30. The show features several originals from Big Questions, including two covers, a bunch of full pages and several single panels and other scraps. It's the first time I've actually made any material from the book available since around 2005.

Monday, July 25, 2011

San Diego

Drawings from the San Diego Convention Apocalypse. The last one is something I did in someone's sketchbook. Each page had a made up name. I was supposed to pick one and draw them. Next stop Needles and Pens in SF!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Questions Book Tour: Day One

Went to bed at 1am, got up at 5. I did a couple of drawings on the airplane. Sammy took us to the best old-time L.A. burger joint ever. I took a nap. I talked to his kids about learning to swim. Two hours from now I give the first reading with Souther and Ron. And I'm almost done with my slide show. Almost.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Found out yesterday that the awesome and amazing Souther Salazar is going to join Ron Rege and myself at the tour kick-off slide show reading event at Family in L.A. next Wednesday.

Also found out yesterday: we hooked up a Manhattan signing while in New York. Marc Bell and I will be a 192 Books in Chelsea on September 15th, the day before the Desert Island event in Brooklyn. Sweet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Just finished printing this poster at Sonnenzimmer on Saturday, and also finalized dates for the Big Questions Book Tour Slide Show and Reading.  The first date is in L.A. at Family next Wednesday, July 20th. Holy $#%@ I still have a lot to do.

So that you needn't turn your monitor on its side (and because this won't in fact work for all you iphone and tablet users) here is a right-side-up version of the schedule:

20 Family, L.A.*
21-24 Comiccon – San Diego
26 Needles and Pens – SF
27 Pegasus – Berkeley
29 Floating World – Portland
30 Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery – Seattle
31 Lucky's – Vancouver

09 Cafe Lula – Chicago
13 The Beguiling – Toronto
18 Magers and Quinn – Minneapolis

9 Atomic – Baltimore**
10-11 SPX – Bethesda, MD
13 Copacetic – Pittsburgh**
14 Brickbat – Philly**
15 192 Books – NYC**
16 Desert Island – Brooklyn**
18 Brooklyn Book Festival
19 Ada – Providence
21 CCS – White River Junction, VT
22 D&Q – Montreal
24 The Beguiling – Toronto***
25 Word on the Street Book Festival – Toronto

3-9 Pierre Feuille Ciseaux – Besançon, France
15 Gosh – London UK
16 Page 45 – Nottingham, UK
17 OK, Leeds – UK
20 Travelling Man – Manchester, UK
21 Travelling Man – York, UK
22 Travelling Man – Newcastle, UK

*with the illustrious Ron Rege and the indubitable Souther Salazar
**with his excellency Marc Bell
***with the honorable Marc Bell and the magnificent Mark Connery