Thursday, March 20, 2008

Italy has awesome placemats

Below are a few drawings made while in Italy. The first is a drawing of a guy who was doing an interview with Paul. Paul was on his left, but he stared forward into the middle distance throughout the interview. The second image was drawn on a placemat at dinner the second night in Bologna. We somehow got into a conversation about characters (mostly of the superheroish variety) that we'd invented as kids. This last drawing was my take on Paul's Man-Bison. Please ask Kevin, next time you see him, when the first issue of the Vagabond comes out. It sounds awesome.
The last image is of Captain America napping in the dirt.


Just got back from trip to Bologna, Italy, for Bilbolbul. Am still sleeping on a weird schedule from the jet lag. After the festival Heather and I traveled around the country a bit. I fully intend to put a bunch of stuff up here from the trip, but to start here are some photographs I took from the train on the way into Naples: