Sunday, September 18, 2016

This Blog has Moved

I just launched a new website and will from now on be blogging over there. I'll leave this site up for a while as I work out kinks, just so that old entries are still available. But all the new stuff will be here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

God and the Devil Reprinted

So I finally got the long out-of-print God and the Devil at War in the Garden reprinted. It's available for sale here, at my new website.

The book is a collection of short pieces that didn't used to have a home. The main story is a piece in the silhouette style of Rage of Poseidon, about the Devil. There's also a large narrative diagram of a vacant lot near my old house in Chicago, and a piece I did in collaboration with the novelist Kyle Beachy. It's big, 9" x 12 1/4", and done on really nice paper, with a big back flap and everything. Order one for you and two for your friends.

Yeah, I have a new website. Go check it out it's kind of amazing. Totally up-to-date and visually stunning. I had basically nothing to do with it. My huge, undying thanks and love to JW who made it happen despite my sluggishness. Check out her phenomenal mix[ed] tapes here, also, btw. This one is a favorite, and even has some thematic crossover with the book's title and cover. Maybe you should listen and read at the same time.