Monday, October 13, 2014

MOI needs your help

Last Spring I designed this cover for an anthology of student writing from the Mid-Continental Oceanographic Institute, the Twin Cities up-and-coming 826 group that does great tutoring and creative writing work with the cities' youth. They are in the midst of a fund-raising campaign via IndyGoGo and need all the help they can get. I'm designing a poster (based more or less on the above image, but more under-water-ish, with some color) as one of the premiums for the $100 level. Help these guys out so I get to make this poster!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Show and Tell at the Twin Cities Book Fair on Saturday

I'm doing the official hometown book release for God and the Devil at War in the Garden at the Twin Cities Book Festival this coming Saturday. With Zak Sally and Jay Peterson.

Zak and I will be doing some Conversation Gardening drawings from 10:30-11:15 at the Magers & Quinn table. Then at 3:30 we'll be doing a public talk about our new books (Zak's Recidivist #4 will be debuting as well) and showing some of the drawings from the CG project (including yours if you come early enough). Jay will be moderating. We'll also be talking about independent publishing and why if Amazon was asleep on a train track and there was a train coming, we wouldn't push them out of the way.

Also we're both going to have some original artwork on display at the festival. Instant one-day art show. Stuff like this, perhaps:

So come hang out, look, listen and tell us what to draw. By the way this is what Zak's kind-of-amazing 10 color risograph masterpiece looked like a few weeks ago. Come high five him for getting it done. You're gonna get it done, right, Zak?

I might also have a few prints of Me and the Universe for sale. We'll see.