Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sweaty Batman

So here's another entry from the "recent happenings in the press" file, as well as a few more pictures from the "what I did on my summer vacation" files, in case anyone is keeping track.

When I was at ComicCon in July I did an interview with Brian Heater for his podcast RIYL. It was a great conversation ranging from questions of authenticity and the artist's sketchbook to how brains work to what it means to make art from grief. Also there's a parade of pedi-cabs and cosplayers going by the whole time, a few of which we describe for the listener. Peter Pan with a lightsaber? Check. Sweaty Batman? Well... he came later. More images from ComicCon below. 

Michael Deforge wasn't in costume, but he did have rabbit ears that he could move using his brain waves.

As an aside, this last picture notwithstanding, I noticed more gender-bending in the cosplay this year than I have before. There were several lady Captain Americas, a lady Han Solo and a lady Spiderman (not the same as 'Spiderwoman', that's a different character/costume, if I remember my Marvel Universe correctly). I noticed little or no crossover in the opposite direction (maybe next year?) but it was cool to see, and bodes well (maybe?) for where the culture is headed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happenings in the press

BOOOOOOOM just put up a little interview with me on their site and they managed to make my book look very attractive. I think I might start requiring people to gather a nice rock, some tea and a bit of crochet before reading my work. Also there has to be a bit of sun coming in the window. How good does that look? Damn. They are also giving away a couple of copies of the book to people who leave a favorite poem in the comments section. I managed to shout out some favorite people in Chicago and elsewhere, and work in a little thing about how Benjamin Franklin supposedly had to be naked to get any writing done.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I'm doing a reading next Tuesday

at the Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota. September 29th, 7pm.

I'll be talking about Poetry is Useless and reading from some of the memoir-ish/travelogue pieces from that book and talking a bit about how my sketchbooks fit into my work, generally speaking.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some of what happened at PFC

Here are a few images from some of what happened at PFC last month. The little wood guy that pops up here was originally drawn during an exercise by Helge Reumann, and subsequently became something like the main protagonist in the group book we all made. As seen in the last image, he made an impression (two people got tattoos of him after it was all over).

Marc Bell

Jillian Tamaki

Anders Nilsen

Marc Bell

drawing: Jillian Tamaki, Text: Marc Bell

Drawing: Jillian Tamaki, Text: me

Not sure who this is.

Helge Reumann

Top: Ines Estrada, Bottom: Nylso

Marc Bell

Antoine Marchalot

Not sure who this is

Laura Park

Jillian Tamaki

Antoine Marchalot

Antoine Marchalot