Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inkstuds Interview

I'm putting some drawings up tomorrow. And some more stuff from my travels. But I just got this email from Robin McConnell that the interview we did last July in Vancouver just went live. Many thanks to Robin and to Daniel Giantomaso, who shot and edited it.


Suzy-oh said...

HI, I finished reading Big Questions few weeks ago and realy (realy) liked it. I don't know why but it made me think about C.G. Jung and his "Red Book" which is an amazing manuscript, it's a research on subconscious using his own dreams and a sort of mythology that appears in his dreams (with a lot of drawings he made). Well maybe you hate psychology, I don't know but maybe you could be interseted.
(one of his painting is him as a giant bird!)


Thanks Anders... Really nice meeting you. Big Questions is a great book, btw. Deep, but approachable and attractive. I can see it becoming a part of some kind of philosophy or literature curriculum in universities. Been reading a lot more of your work since. I would now consider myself a fan. Cheers.