Wednesday, September 2, 2009

46 Million plus 3

Three new items have been added to the auction in the last couple of days.

Tony Fitzpatrick donated an etching/aquatint titled Monument to a Standing New Yorker, 2001.

Zak Sally gave up the original art for a cover he did a few years ago for David Bazan (Pedro the Lion). If you haven't already, you should hear Zak's new record. It's really really good. He used to play bass for Low, though this is pretty different.

And lastly a listing was somehow lost when I was posting the first batch last week. And it's a good one, you should buy it. It's this giant photo book and picture disk EP by Mount Eerie (Phil Elverum). It's a beautiful beautiful book. Signed.

The recent subject matter of this blog notwithstanding, the benefit is not all I'm doing at the moment. I'll post some images from Big Questions #13 (which is almost done), and some sketchbook strips in the next few days.

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