Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Benefit is Over

We raised almost $7000.00. Which is Amazing to me, and humbling. In the meantime, Obama has been backing away from a Public Option and Max Baucus has just released a plan that Wendell Potter (former Cigna exec and industry critic) has called The Health Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act. But Baucus' three Republican co-authors have already backed away from the plan anyway. So much for trying to keep the GOP happy. Let your representatives know there are people out there who believe in real reform. That the richest country on earth has no excuse for not taking care of its own. The groups who have been pushing for the real deal aren't backing down or giving up. But they still need actual citizens to call the people we put in office.

To all the artists and the people who logged on to bid in the auction: Holy $#%&, and thousand thousand thanks.

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