Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PFC part 2

One of the buildings housed PFC's three exhibitions: one featuring the work of Polina Petrouchina (and her mom, who did the sewing), one of my work and one of the results of the week of collaborative exercises from PFC last year, and (eventually), this year.

The exhibition of my work was, I think, the first time work from all my different books and all my various styles was squeezed into a single space together. I gave a gallery talk on Sunday, assisted by June for interpreting in French, and it was an interesting challenge to try to make it sound like it all made perfect sense.

The magical awesomeness of Pierre Feuille Ciseaux is a little difficult to express. But one big part of it was the support staff which included a team of screen printers and a second team of woodcut/lino printers who basically didn't sleep the whole week while this gaggle of 20 enthusiastic, spoiled artists banged out images for them to print. Below is Nono indulging my extremely tightly registered two-color printing job.

The screens.

The first color.
And the finished print. To get the red to really pop it was necessary to underprint it entirely with white. Even all those spindly little lines. Nono was probably ready to strangle me. by the end. He did an amazing job.
The main task of the screen printing/book-making team was to produce the book below. Almost everyone collaborated, starting on the first day, in doing a three color print based on one of the twelve labors of Hercules. Below is the cover, following are several spreads from the book.

Below, on the right, is the image I produced with Anton Kannemeyer. I drew Cerberus, he drew Hercules (I should mention that I was kind of inspired by the subject, my own print, discussed above is on the same subject – all 12 labors).
Finally, a few more shots of the grounds.

And the awesome doorknobs.
And the workroom, rendered deeply meloncholy by the absence of frenzied creation.

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L said...

how can i have one of those prints? incredible. this experience looks to be such a great meeting of creative minds.