Thursday, October 20, 2011

So here are the last pictures post Pierre Feuille Ciseaux. The first few are of June and Charlotte's apartment in Besançon.
We got in late after a signing in Poligny and a few slight misadventures. The spread below is Chinese food from up the block. And the two cats above (both top and bottom) are Hercule (top) and...crap, I forgot the kittens name below. He was hilarious, though. Kept trying to follow Hercule up the shelf, but ended up each time collapsing down to the floor, dragging books and wires and various items down with him in a cascade. Look for him again in the next picture.

Below are Charlotte and the amazing Gilles.
And the back of Zak's head.
Below, the parting of our little quartet. Zak, June and I left Sarah in Paris and got on the train to Brussels.
The signing in Brussels was a miniature reunion of the residency. Here are Zak and Bert bonding over their choices of apparel.
The Buddha drinking espresso and talking on his cell. And a reminder about Buddha nature. Thank you Buddha. I'm trying. Quit calling me.
At Poligny I did a drawing of Gilles. He moved before I got to his other lens.
A drawing from my sketchbook, partly inspired by a drawing on June's wall.
And another drawing I did mostly during the signing at Dole. The text was already in there from weeks before, in Chicago.

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