Thursday, January 15, 2015

Guest sketchbook

My friend Sara came to visit me last year around this time, shortly after returning from a residency in Colombia. She'd been busy drawing in her sketchbook while she was there, and showed me the results. Last summer I asked her about it again, knowing she was no longer keeping a blog, and hadn't posted the work anywhere. She said I could post it myself if I wanted, so I took these pictures, and they've been languishing on my hardrive ever since. I don't know if she'll keep drawing comics or not. She's doing video and puppetry and animation and singing pop songs as a statue. So she's busy with other stuff. It's all very much worth a look (especially this amazing video she made for Evan Hydzik). But so are her drawings. So I'm finally getting around to posting them.


Liniers said...


Liniers said...

I read The End and it was heartbreaking and unexpectedly uplifting. Thanks!