Friday, January 23, 2015

Eleanor Davis: First Conversation Gardening Guest Artist

Eleanor Davis is one of those artists whose work just makes your mouth fall open. She makes virtuosic drawing and watercoloring look simple, effortless and fun, and she can also twist a corkscrew into your arm before you even realize what's happening. Her recent book How to be Happy is, predictably, beautiful and brilliant. None of the stories do quite what you expect, and it's a book that stays with you for days after you put it down. Her comics voice is utterly unique and compelling. So I couldn't be more excited to have her taking over as Guest Artist for the Conversation Gardening project. She's agreed to do 10 drawings, so click over to her site and get in on this. Those ten drawings are going to go quick.
Also: more announcements are imminent, so stay tuned.


I am officially no longer accepting new submissions for Conversation Gardening for myself to draw. I'm going to be enlisting more guests to take over for me. I haven't counted the ones I've gotten so far, yet, but there's a big stack. Many of you who have sent me questions have probably noticed that it's taking me a while to get to them all. Hopefully you find that they are worth the wait. But I promise: I am moving through them, so please be patient. Below are a few new ones. The first here is my initial attempt to answer the question in the one below (the opposite side of the paper). I thought it deserved a second go. The others are self-explanatory, I think... although perhaps it's worth saying – given that I'm not as good at drawing myself skateboarding as I was when I was 15 – that that's supposed to be a frontside 180 to fakie manual.

Coming soon: Big Bird

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