Sunday, August 4, 2013

Poster for sale/I hate to waste paper

This is the poster I designed for AUTOPTIC. It was printed with four colors (not quite CMYK - my own private recipe) by Burlesque of North America, here in Minneapolis. And they knocked it out of the park – the colors are sharp and gorgeous. It's a signed and numbered edition of 100. We'll be selling it at the show as well, and maybe at the Autoptic site, but as I write this it's only available here. 24" x 35.5". $25 plus postage.
Since the poster didn't quite fill the press sheet, leaving about eight inches spare, I decided to throw some work in at the bottom and make something of my own to sell at the show (this other thing won't be out until September, alas). Hence: the monologuist paper update supplemental #3, pictured above. Shown is the inside: some little collage comics I made a couple of years back for a Post-it show at Giant Robot in LA. Again, meticulously screenprinted in the above approximation of CMYK by Burlesque, also an edition of 100.  I'm doing a one color print on the back myself, but that'll have to be a surprise, since I can't photograph things in the future. Pre-order here. Full disclosure: neither of these will actually go in the mail until after the show. Because, well, I have a pile of things to do that's a little taller than my apartment building right now. Which means I gotta turn off this damn computer and go to bed.

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subtle_ceiling said...

dude, you are the coolest~ keep being radical.