Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with comics

PFC4 is in full swing. Being both an organizer and a participating artist I'm probably going to have to sleep for a week when it's over, but there are really wonderful things bubbling up, here. This morning Lilli Carre asked June and me quietly if it might work to propose that everyone do a 16 frame, one second long animation of someone walking ( a walking cycle)... all to be strung together, animated by Lilli on Saturday morning, and presented on Saturday night as part of the Eyeworks Animation festival screening she and Alexander are doing (at Open Eye theatre, 506 E 24th st, 7pm). Yeah... two days from now. Obviously such a thing is impossible. But as Willie Wonka says, it is important to do at least two impossible things every morning before breakfast. Here are three of these animations in progress by, in order: Lisa Hanawalt, Tom Kaczinski and Domitille Collardey. I'm doing one, too. As are several other folks. Below those are... well, some other awesome stuff.

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