Tuesday, February 17, 2015


My sister found this book at a thrift store a year or two back, and it's been sitting on a shelf in her house ever since. I notice it every time I'm over, and have been meaning to post these images forever. I can't get enough of this drawing. Simple, direct, casual almost to the point of laziness. But virtuosic laziness. From an era when artists learned how to draw for real, to the point where they could do convincing, natural human forms in their sleep with just a few quick lines. Also perhaps of an era when illustrators of this sort may have been very aware of the rise of abstraction and questioning themselves a bit: note the weird Matisse-ish tree on the cover, and the odd, repeated stickfigure foxes in the forest. Anyway I don't know if Hans Bergerson is the artist, but whoever it is is my new hero (except for that weird flute playing fox... not sure what happened there).

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