Thursday, July 3, 2014

Conversation Gardening, Part One

Okay, so word is out (I guess that's what happens when you start telling people about stuff) so I'm going to begin posting a digital version of this strip, now. I'll continue it tomorrow.

Click here for part 2.


Manoela said...

Me and some friends run a Comic Making Club at Sheridan College, and we kind of did conversation gardening comics as a warm-up exercise. It didn't occur to us to ask if we could do it before we did it, so we're asking now! Can we...keep doing them? We're still very wary of each other, so most of the questions are about farts.

(we're slowly slowly posting them up, together with other warm-up exercises and weekly prompt comics here, if you'd like to see )

Anders Brekhus Nilsen said...

Hi Manoela,

I just saw this now, June 2nd. Yes, of course, have at it. Send me a link, I'm curious to see what you're coming up with.