Friday, December 27, 2013

Holly Munoz is making a record

My very good friend Holly Munoz is making a record. It's pretty serious. John Vanderslice is producing it, a guy from Iron and Wine is playing cello, etc. Holly is crowdfunding the production and rollout, and if she makes the goal, I get to do her cover art. Some of the rewards for contributors include the original painting I'm doing for the cover as well as the drawings and sketches that happen beforehand (and a bunch of other great stuff). The imagery is in the early turning-it-over-in-my-mind stages, but here's a little painting she commissioned from me last year for a friend. The record cover will be similarly landscape-ish, painted in gouache, but more grand in scale (and not including Hello Kitty).

Holly is the best. She's a great friend who reached out to me when I first moved back to Minneapolis and helped make the move way more friendly. There's a song on the record that was partly inspired by a piece in my book The End, written before we ever met. So doing her cover completes a nice little circle. The record promises to be great. Kick in a few bucks here.

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