Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ryan Cooper said...


Spideycow said...

This is a beautiful sentiment, and it strikes me very hard so soon after the death of Maurice Sendak. I recently purchased and read Big Questions. At various points in it I attempted to express the emotions I was feeling to those around me (Algernon's story, for instance, left tears in my eyes). My friends did not believe me that a black and white comic about birds could evoke such depth until I showed them a sampling of the artwork. It is truly spectacular. I occasionally lingered over a single page for five minutes at a time.

Basically, I want to say thank you. You have touched the life of a stranger you will never meet, and in a way that is altruism. If ever you perform a fundraiser, I will gladly give to support you and the gifts you give the world.

(Now, embarrassed, I shrink back in to oblivion.)