Monday, September 5, 2011


The first of these sketchbook spreads feature drawings of two people with whom I shared the Megabus on my way back to Chicago from Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. The other two feature drawings of people on the El.

The last, left hand page, below: I was drawing the person sitting in the audience in front of me at Mark Bazer's Interview Show the other night, and then she turned out to be another guest on the show. Her name is Cameron Esposito. She's a comedienne. She was completely hilarious. This is her ear.

Lastly, by virtue of the timing of my trip to Minneapolis for the reading I did there on August 18th, I was forced to miss this year's epic skateboarding/camping/beer trip to Wisconsin. You can see pictures of the festivities at the, ahem, dude life blog.

So my videographer was getting drunk around a campfire somewhere in the badger-state wilderness but I decided to document my exploits nevertheless. In a more nineteenth century kind of way. It rained that night, so it was all in a trio of covered parking garages. At one point a cop rolled through and asked me the above question, before rolling on, and when I did finally get kicked out of the last spot, the security guard helpfully suggested that it was okay to skate in the one next door. This doesn't happen anywhere outside Minnesota.

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