Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Game poster/mini

I recently reprinted The Game, the fully painted strip I contributed to the giant sized Kramer's Ergot #7. I'm releasing it as a folded up, two-sided poster. The original strip, as it appeared in Kramer's was three pages. The poster version includes a fourth page, a sort of extended ending that I left off the original for a variety of reasons. The strip will be available in various comic and specialty book stores, and is now available, also, here. For the first week or so postage will be free.

Included with it also, and indeed included with every order from the picture store while supplies last, will be a Big Questions Trading Card (1 of 24) I recently made.

Also, prices on a couple of prints are temporarily reduced. So, all in all, so many reasons to go there and order some stuff.


Sam said...

Hi. Can this be ordered from Germany? Bigcartel doesn't allow it. Thank you. Sam

Brad Mackay said...

No shipping to Canada? Really? Say it ain't so!

Anders Brekhus Nilsen said...

Oops. Just corrected the glitch. Should work now.


Lobo Comics and Toys said...

Is there anyway to get a set of cards?

Anders Brekhus Nilsen said...

I am planning to make a limited number of full sets of cards available sometime later in the summer, mostly to sell on the book tour but I'll probably put them on the picture store as well. More about the tour soon.

robotika said...

So beautiful. I couldn't afford the Kramer's Ergot that had this in it. Happy to get a chance to see it now.