Thursday, October 22, 2009

"if you love stuff, you're going to hate this."

My friend Nick just sent me a link that led to several beautiful and incredibly disturbing images like this with the above subject line. Click here to find out what you're looking at. Jordan's website is here. Intolerable Beauty and In Katrina's Wake are both pretty amazing.


Tymmi said...

Sometimes I am ashamed to be a human being.

Demophon said...

The most disturbing part of this is the fact that it was so far away from civilization. There is a huge area of the pacific that is topped with garbage

When I was in the Marine Corps & on ship I would watch in horror from the rope room (where I used to read) as the navy guys would just dump tons & tons of waste off of the stern into the sea. twice a day every single day. We suck.