Friday, August 28, 2009

46 Million (people have no health care)

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to my wife, Heather that I was thinking about putting a couple of drawings or paintings up for auction on ebay to raise a little money to influence the health care debate. The fact that some democrats were beginning to distance themselves from a Public Option (a compromise from the beginning, since Single Payer is, to me and most on the left, really the only sane system) was frustrating, infuriating, depressing, etc. The screaming morons and outrageous lies turning up at town hall meetings all over the country were just as bad. Heather said "Sure, good idea, but why don't you get some other people involved and raise some real money." So I did. Click here to see the auction (or go to ebay and search for "46 Million"). I also managed to get both the Chicago Reader and Time Out to cover it. And most importantly, the response from the artists I asked to contribute has been humbling and incredibly generous. Here's a list of the contributing artists and a few of the 51 pieces (so far) on auction:

John Porcellino
Genevieve Castree
Chris Ware
Ivan Brunetti
Dan Clowes
Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie)
Jeffrey Brown
Paul Hornschemeier
Todd Baxter
Sonnenzimmer Print Studio
Kevin Huizenga
Jay Ryan/The Bird Machine
Lynda Barry
Lilli Carre
Cheryl Weaver
David Heatley
Kyle Obriot
Stephen Eichhorn
Buenaventura Press
Sammy Harkham
James Sturm
Souther Salazar
And, obviously, me.

As for the money, it will go to grass roots efforts and TV ads in the districts and states of fence sitting Democrats (the focus presently is to get the number of supportive Senators from 45 to a majority of 51) to support a strong public option in the final health overhaul legislation that goes to the President. For more on the kinds of efforts we support, and for more information about the issue, check out Democracy for America and Health Care for America Now.

And, hell, while you're at it, sign this petition.


Anonymous said...

This is very inspiring.
Good luck Anders!

Demophon said...

Right on! Great work on this. Best of luck with the auction. Blow back them ignorant blowhards.