Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trip to Spain

Below are some pictures from a trip I took to Spain last month. I've been travelling a lot this summer, so there will be a bunch more entries of landscapes and bits and pieces from several trips. The first few here are from Girona, including some fragmentary ruins in the old city. Following are two images from a cog rail train trip into the Pyrenees.

Surrounding the city of Olot are a number of ancient extinct volcanoes. Heather and I hiked into one of them where we picnicked outside a little chapel...

...with a heavily chained and locked door and a bunch of rather profane graffiti.

From Olot we stayed in Llefranc on the Costa Brava. It was hard to take a picture there that didn't look like a poster in a travel agency, but still conveyed the feeling of the place. This is my best attempt, taken at dusk. Below that is some political graffiti on a cactus.

We were in Spain for the Barcelona comics festival and a group show put on by the editors of the art magazine La Cruda. After the opening they took us out for tapas and we tried to get some pictures. Below are some of our hosts, including Ruben Escalona, Nacho Simal, Tess, Gonzalo Rueda and Helena Perez...

Lastly here are a few images for the ongoing series View from a Train. In this case the train from Central Barcelona out to the airport. The best part was the lazers in the sky.

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