Saturday, May 30, 2009

I´ll be signing copies of Mitologias and Spain´s premier art magazine La Cruda at the Barcelona Comics Festival today, Saturday May 30th and tomorrow, Sunday, from roughly 6-7pm. There´s also an exhibition of art from La Cruda happening in Barcelona at Safia Galeria (Bruniquer,9 Baixos 08012, Barcelona) in which I have a few pieces, including cover paintings from Big Questions. There is a bunch of other great stuff there as well. It´s worth checking out. The poster for the exhibition is below.


Grant Reynolds said...

I remember this pickpocketing angel image from a show you were in at the sharp building at SAIC long long ago, and maybe F. Just went to your solo show at Home with Jeremy Tinder. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for your drawing and signature of the mitologias last saturday. i just discovered you but I feel very very connected with your work: the line, the mitology (specially sisifus) and your questions and speech about art and life. In all of this i have the same point of view and questions and thoughts.
all this is really strange...and wonderfull
i draw too, i hope you visit my blog(and hope you like it, but i am still in an art school)
sorry for write here, i dont like, but i didn't find your email. you can delete it if you want
and sorry for my english
i will be looking for your future books here in spain
all the best

el tio berni said...

Come to Madrid, we're waiting for you!

Grégoire said...

Hi Anders- I just wanted to thank you for Mitologias. I caught it in Parasol Magazine. I've really enjoyed your work. I hope you don't mind but I might review it on my blog. I have a few literary readers but there's very little graphic art over there. Best to you!