Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Other People's Pictures

For about the last six years or so my friend Marianne and I have curated the artwork at a restaurant here in Chicago called Lula. We both used to work there, me flipping eggs, she serving them once flipped, when the original curator fell by the wayside. Marianne and I, imagining that our experience with drawing birds and sewing pieces of toast made us art experts, took over. Shows of varying quality have come and gone. People seem to have liked them, mostly. Because we both have our own work and the art at Lula has been neither her nor my primary vocation we've done a rather dismal job of documenting our work there. I think I might have photos of three shows out of roughly 20 we've hung. As of today's entry, I'm turning over a new leaf.

The pieces above are from the current show. The two above are Residue and Two Neighborhoods 2 by Nick Butcher. The two below are Green Bar Suprematism and The Spines of Rothko by Nadine Nakanishi. You can find more info and pictures from both at sonnenzimmer.com. Both artists are printmakers and graphic design types. Nick makes music, too. They make beautiful, beautiful stuff. Really. The show should be up til mid May.

I'm intending to do posts about a few other recent shows at Lula over the next few weeks.

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