Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giant Comic Book For Sale

Holy $%&#@* this book is large. It also happens to be the most awesome book released so far in the 21st century. If you happen to be anywhere near Chicago on Saturday, the 13th of December, you should come to Chicago Comics and buy one and have me and Souther Salazar, Sammy Harkham, Ron Rege, Chris Ware, Ivan Brunetti, Kevin Huizenga, Ted May, Dan Zettwoch, John Hankiewicz, John Pham and C. Tyler draw pictures in it for you.


Anonymous said...

Can´t wait to have this in my hands.

beano said...

I checked out this monstrosity of a comic tome at the Kramers Ergot Tour stop in Toronto on the 11th. EEEE-GAWD, it's huge! Trying to think of the best way to display/store a thing that ridiculous & beautiful... My easel?

Was very sad to miss you in Toronto. Think I har-uffed at poor Kevin H for your no-show... Hopefully you'll make it to TCAF here in May.