Monday, April 14, 2014

Universal Studios Prop Rental

My first day in L.A. I went with Todd to return some rentals to the Universal Studios Prop House and we wandered around for a little while checking the wares. They have at least one of everything. When I'm abroad I try to visit local city museums, which are often wonderfully idiosyncratic. This felt like a version of that. Ancient artifacts, somewhat random, somewhat strange. But LA.

So, plastic ice cream:
Saint Francis droning on about the languages of the birds. Sir Francis Haddock getting fed up with his bullshit and wandering off to go see if the Wolfman has any spare change:
Nah, man. No change, sorry. Good luck, though.
What? The languages of what? Hello? Hello? There's no dial tone on this thing. Hello?

Saint Francis also talks to cats.
And to... uh... frogs? Beaked lizards? What is this thing? I don't know, but I like the little orange suit.

Fake chemicals:

Disembodied nervous systems:

Happy skeleton, bemused musculature.

Skulls come in all variety of creepy.

Foam man, sleeping.

Fake blood samples for sudden world-wide zombie epidemic blockbuster emergency room scene:


Piles of fake casualties for same:

and lastly, a blank mannikin head. I felt very at home.

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