Saturday, December 7, 2013


So yesterday I was putting together a slide reading and talk about book making and some of the various kinds of book and minicomic formats I've messed with over the years. And I realized I have extra copies of some stuff that I can probably do without. Like, why do I need more than one copy of this stuff, right? Today I'm selling stuff at Santopticlaus at Co Exhibition in Minneapolis. And I decided to make the stuff available to the interweb holiday shopper as well. Hi interwebbers. So go here and see what's available. And then buy some stuff. Available NOWHERE ELSE (except a couple issues of BQ are on Amazon, but why would you want to shop there?)

Oh, and did I mention these awesome BATS from Marijpol? I had them in a show at Open Eye Figure Theatre in August for Autoptic and am putting them up at Lula in the Spring. But today they're at Co Exhibition for Santopticlaus. How awesome are they, right? Right!

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