Tuesday, February 5, 2013

La Musee de la Chasse

The third day in Paris, Eglantine from Le Monte en L'air showed me around the city a bit including taking me to see La Musee de la Chasse (the Museum of Hunting). It was like walking into another world.

I particularly noted this image, below, of trained eagles that have just taken down a wolf. A year or so ago someone sent me a link to this video of the same phenomenon demonstrated in Mongolia (it's harrowing). Note, in particular the artwork depicted in the intro. So apparently it's a widespread, ancient practice.

Carved bone. A lot of the imagery carved into handles and gun butts was decidedly pagan.


robotika said...
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robotika said...

It is such a stunning museum and you can spend hours opening the little cabinets. Did the guards show you the secret painted mice on the floor?
My friend and I spent 7 days in Paris and we loved this place so much we spent 2 whole afternoons there.