Sunday, December 4, 2011

Angus McKie

Back in April I did a post about this amazing book from the 80s that I'd rediscovered of gorgeous paintings and histories of spaceships. Three of the images I included in the post were by a guy named Angus McKie. When I was in Newcastle in October I had the good fortune to meet a friend of a friend of the man himself and was allowed to hold on to a couple of his comics for a day. Unfortunately I didn't really have time to actually read them. Which is a shame. Just look.

How have I not seen this done before? A punch up in front of a projection in a porn theatre? Brilliant.

It's like part Heavy Metal, part Hitchhiker's Guide, part CF, part Little Annie Fanny part Star Wars. And part just straight up sublime epic oil painting. Apparently he's still working.


ramon said...

lovely. i remember his coloring on talbot's heart of empire.

Peter Bangs said...

Fantastic artist, Britains answer to Richard Corben in a lot of ways.

Crumpet Time Comics said...

"Punch Up In Front of a Porno": soon to be a major motion picture. Glad you liked these as much as I do, Anders. And thanks for returning them when it would have been so easy to jet off to the US never to be seen again. The artifacts themselves are almost as amazing as the lusty star mistresses and phallic-faced intergalactic space mutants they convey. Come back to Newcastle soon - maybe when you've produced the acid trip sci-fi follow up to Big Questions? "Leroy, power up the laser cannon, this Ghost of Jimi Hendrix's Face is going doowwn!"

Les Darins said...