Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few last scraps

Below are the last few drawings from overseas. The first two are from the day I arrived in France. I had a couple of hours to poke around the city and was able to locate a skatepark not far from Gare Du Nord where I stashed my things – though just rolling around the city turned out to be more satisfying. The third is from kind of a crazy thing that I saw one afternoon in Besançon, and the last two are drawings of people on the tube in London and from a couple of cafes in Newcastle.


Jenny Gallegos said...

These are amazing! Are those drawings yours? I'm super amazed!

Jenny Gallegos said...
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june said...

Man, I wish this third drawing, and where it does comes from, never exists (and I went through the same questions I suppose) (ƒÙ#@...)