Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Public Service Announcement

I heard earlier this year that a cover I did for a new edition of The Odyssey from W.W. Norton won a blue ribbon at the New York Book Fair (scroll down to "Quality Paperbacks") put on by the Bookbinder's Guild of New York last March. I think I'm supposed to notify the public about things like this. And so, voila.

For those readers who don't know Homer's odd little tale, the central image is of Odysseus under the gaze of Poseidon, who persecutes him for killing the god's son, the Cyclops (the monster in the upper right) after trying unsuccessfully to steal his sheep (under the lotus blossom, upper left). We've also got a cross dressing goddess of wisdom who likes to give Odysseus advice he can't really understand (Athena, bottom), Odysseus wife Penelope (top), one of her suitors (drinking our hero's wine in his absence), Hermes' feet, Odysseus dog, and one of his crew of impulsive sailors who's been turned into a cow by a witch who Odysseus promptly shacks up with for a few years immediately afterward. On the back of the book there is also a very small view of Ithaca. But you'll have to go find the book yourself for that one.

(as usual, click for a much nicer view)


Giles Ruffer said...

Impressive work, as always. Well done on the award!

We had to study Simon Armitage during GCSE English. Maybe this means lots of school kids will be introduced to your art work via this.

Jess Morgan said...

It is a beautiful cover and I love it.