Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures of Dirt and Grass

I'm doing a show at Home Gallery in Hyde Park on Chicago's South side, opening April 18th. It's my first solo show in Chicago, coming after shows in L.A., Helsinki, Bologna and Paris over the last year. It'll be comprised of a number of landscapes and small scenes--superheroes, columns of smoke, tires, milk bottles, office chairs, deer...the usual random assortment of curiosities. Home Gallery is an ongoing project of the illustrious Laura Shaeffer, putting on shows out of her house. There is both an opening reception on the 18th and a closing brunch on May 3rd, since it's a little hard to keep regular gallery hours in your house. But the show is open by appointment as well. You're invited.

Below are two alternate covers of a mini-comic I put together to give out at the show. The covers are made with found/scavenged/old notebook paper of various sorts, a spray painted stencil, and ink-jet printed bird's heads. I'm also hoping to have a new t-shirt printed for the show. We'll see.

Spraypainting stencils on 200 mini-comics makes a huge mess and leaves a person pretty dizzy and lightheaded. So I probably won't be making more. Get them while they're still h...uh...while they still smell like spray paint.


The Wandering Rocks said...
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kellib_ said...

Hey Anders,

I have a really big crush on all of your work, but have recently been loving the tire drawings. And, now, those mini comics!

Are shows and The Beguiling (they only have The Big Questions stuff though, which somehow feels better in comic book format) the only places your drawings are for sale?

I live in Ottawa, so Chicago is pretty out of the question...

Let me know.


kellib_ said...
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Anders Nilsen said...

There are about 100 minis left, so I don't expect many to get past the opening and closing. If they do I'll let folks know here. I did ad a bunch of non-BQ art to the beguiling site a couple of months ago, but yeah, that and shows are the only places the work is available for the time being. I'll try to get Home to post images and prices for all the work on their site by next week.

jesse said...

my God I would love to have one of those comics.

The Oxen of the Sun said...

How was the opening?

One Magic Trick said...

Any minis left?

I just bought a Sammy Harkham drawing and signed a lease for a new apartment, so I'll have to hold off on purchasing any drawings (sigh).